Santorini has become one of the favourite European destinations for couples and honeymooners. The volcanic Greek island in the Aegean Sea has everything you could want and more for a fairytale getaway with your better half. From beaches with stunning backdrops, seaside tavernas, and romantic restaurants, the views of Santorini are truly unrivaled. Whether you love tapas for two or lobster dinners with an ocean outlook, each Santorini village boasts its own unique cuisine and culture.

Before booking an escape to this postcard-perfect destination there are a few things you should know to get the most out of your trip and decide whether it’s the perfect place for post wedded bliss.


Be Wary Of The Price


One of the main draws of Santorini is it’s unique cave houses and boutique hotels with stunning caldera views. One thing to be extremely cautious off when booking your accommodation is the price and exact location of your hotel or self-catering home. Many Airbnb’s and travel companies use the signature white domes to sell their accommodation when in reality only a handful of houses have a caldera view. For context, a home with a private courtyard, hot tub and genuine caldera view in Oia will set you back no less than £600 a night. If a hotel or home is advertising uninterrupted views be sure to check out the location on a map, more often than not, when seemingly great value apartments and villas are thoroughly researched they can be in the middle of nowhere or set far away from the views in photographs. In short terms, a villa in high or midseason boasting sea views and a sea view will cost between £600 – £4o00+ a night and anywhere advertising for less, definitely requires a more in-depth review. To avoid being stung by this marketing tactic always read and research the reviews and take a look at the property on at the address. If you are not too fussed about staying in a traditional cave house with an ocean backdrop, there are still many beautiful houses and hotels, however, do ensure you know what you’re signing up for before parting with your honeymoon fund.


Be Willing To Walk


Some of the most picturesque villages and sites in Santorini such as Oia and the Ammoudi Bay are truly spellbinding and are the perfect base for an authentic and romantic Greek holiday. Over the last five years, Instagram has been awash with stunning photographs of the island’s signature blue rooftops and white stone restaurants. However, despite how photo-ready influencers may look ahead of a night of delicious food and drinks, you will be best skipping the heels. Santorini in general is very hilly with narrow, winding slopes that when coupled with a pair of heels will be a guaranteed chore. In addition to being extremely cobbly, Santorini’s most idyllic spots become very crowded at night and you may even pass a donkey so it’s best to stick to a slightly less glamorous pair of flats to avoid sore feet and holding up fellow holidaymakers. Taxi’s in the most beautiful hotspots are generally a no-go in Santorini. With this in mind, should you fancy a candlelit fish supper in Ammoudi Bay, there are hundreds of large cobbled steps to contend with first. There are around 30 donkeys available to be used at the convenience of tourists to aid their steep journey down, however like in most instances, these animals are poorly tret, and for if you are an animal lover it is not advised to contribute to this cruel trade. Walking on foot down the designated path in an appropriate pair of shoes will take around 20 minutes with breathtaking vantage points to rest at and admire along the way.



Local Cuisine


As we established earlier, the very best of Santorini generally comes with a hefty price tag and this concept also extends to dining out around the island. Due to an influx of tourism thanks to social media, there are seemingly fewer authentic restaurants and more and more tourist trap eateries popping up in hotspots. From Italian cuisine to small deli’s there is a wide variety of choice of food, however, the most memorable restaurants do come with a substantial fee both for the culinary expertise of chefs and the accompanying views. If you are typically a fussy eater or do not enjoy meat and fish you may find options on the island, especially in upmarket areas, slightly lackluster. However, there are a few tapas gems that prepare beautiful vegetarian dishes too. These restaurants are mainly located in Oia. For a reliably lovely meal with your spouse, booking a table at a hotel is a great way to sample local dishes whilst also enjoying true 5-star service. As always, try to invest a little time when lounging during the day into researching your evening meal of choice. With many locals being driven out of the island due to increasing prices, simply walking along the cobbles and wandering into a restaurant may leave you disappointed without prior research.

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