The coronavirus has taken its toll on all of us mentally and physically in some way, shape or form. For those with impeccable discipline, extra time at home may have been spent keeping fit and thriving with flexible working hours. As always with social media, we have been inundated with others sharing the very best of themselves leaving many of us who haven’t achieved our own goals, feeling deflated, lazy and guilty.  

Regardless of your personal health, work, or personal targets, it is always important to take care of yourself first and foremost. An hour snuggled up with a book, a productive workout and decluttering your wardrobe are three simple yet accessible ways to take time out. 

Here at BLOOM we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite beauty self care tips that leave us feeling relaxed, satisfied and more at ease. 

Wash your make-up brushes

Most women, even make-up fanatics can be guilty of neglecting their make-up brushes and failing to remove bacteria, debris and months of product. If you can’t remember the last time you washed your makeup brushes, it’s likely been too long. One super easy way to cleanse your brushes is to take a container and add equal parts fairy liquid and olive oil and shampoo the brushes in the mixture, ensuring to rinse thoroughly until the suds have subsided. To dry them out properly without singing the applicators, stick them in the airing cupboard on a towel, it’ll take a few hours until they’re good to go. 

Deep Condition Your Hair 

As the last step of most people’s hair routine, conditioning the hair can sometimes be accompanied by lukewarm, end-of-the-bath, bath water and in turn always ends up a  rushed process. 

Whilst your bath is still a comfortable warm temperature, really go in with your favourite nourishing conditioner and be sure to leave it for at least ten minutes for an ultra smooth blowout. Make sure you use most of the products at the end of your hair as your ends are most prone to dryness and splitting. To avoid the dreaded crunchy roots, be sure to wash all of the product out by repeatedly rinsing.

Donate The Products You Will Never Use 

Decluttering is often perceived as a tedious task, however nothing quite beats a well organised space to thrive within. A tidy room, bathroom cabinet and dressing table can all aid your inner beauty peace. 

Now that you’re spending more time at home, take note of any items you no longer use, haven’t opened or bought on a whim but will never use. As our spare make-up products can be shoved into a drawer it can be a hard habit to break but should be a welcome job in pursuit of self care. Many skincare products with active ingredients should be stored in a particular way and others can expire without your notice. Check for signs that your products have perished or that due to poor storage can be binned. If your product is in reusable packaging give it a good clean and use it again in the future where you can. 

Be honest with yourself about vibrant lipsticks you bought for a holiday and never reached for as long as you also had your trusty nude combo and if unopened, try to donate them. There are many fantastic platforms that distribute unopened make-up, toiletries and personal hygiene products to non-profit organisations.

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