If you’re unlucky enough to be eczema-prone on your face, finding suitable skincare and make-up can be an expensive chore. Eczema prone skin is typically high maintenance and usually can take a lot of disheartening trial and error to find products that do not trigger an angry, red, and sore flare-up.

For those with a thorough and hydrating skincare routine, a primer can be a pretty redundant addition to a trusted regimen. However, if you have eczema prone or dry skin, it’s a step you may not be able to skip. Drier skins require more support when building a supple and smooth base. There are some products that can really help to add nourishment whilst helping to create the perfect blank canvas for make-up application. We’ve compiled a list of our firm favourites so you don’t have to splash out on multiple products.


Bobbi Brown Enriched Face Base


This multipurpose product can be worn under make-up or works beautifully as a stand-alone moisturiser. The brand’s best-selling formula easily glides over even the driest skin and absorbs quickly without a tacky or greasy residue. Combining nourishing Shea Butter and a trio of Vitamins in the form of B, C and E, this rich formula creates a flawless base for make-up. Hydrating enough to help target your skin’s dryness but light enough to avoid congestion, this is one of the few products we can rely on to settle our dry and sensitive skin. Despite typically avoiding fragrances, we must admit the citrus aroma is the perfect burst of freshness in the morning before a busy day and does not irritate our skin.



Laura Mercier Foundation Primer


Did you know Laura Mercier created the first-ever primer in 1995? With that in mind, you already know that their current formulation is backed by 25 years of research and development. This particular product has been formulated for extra dry skin types and contains two humectants in the form of glycerin and hyaluronic acid. In addition, the brand includes vitamins A, C, and E to help protect the skin and contain moisture, helping to reduce transepidermal water loss.


Tatcha Silk Canvas


Although a pricey little pot, this product should last you months and months as just a tiny amount can provide a great base for your make-up. This multitasking primer certainly helps make-up to be applied smoothly and also lasts all day. Gentle enough for both the eyes and lips too this product offers a welcome quench of moisture to dry and tight skins. However, If you’re typically oily we can see how this product would be far too nourishing but for thirsty skins and those with eczema, it can be absorbed quickly leaving a radiant finish.





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