Choosing the right bridal makeup artist for your wedding can be a daunting task. With this in mind, despite wanting to look and feel flawless on your special day, you may simply choose the first MUA that’s been recommended to avoid the chore of searching.

Putting off the search for the ideal make-up artist never ends well as fantastic professionals have full diaries and often get booked up over a year in advance. 

The first thing to consider when selecting your bridal MUA is how negotiable your budget is. For those who have never had professional make-up, the cost of such a service may seem surprisingly more or even less expensive than you initially thought. 


Don’t choose the cheapest artist 


Without sounding cliche, as a general rule with all beauty treatments, you get what you pay for. With make-up services, a professional’s price typically reflects their experience, kit, qualifications and the competence of their skill. Never opt for a MUA based solely on their fee,  a reliable and talented artist will be worth every penny. Many brilliant make-up artists are self-taught and as a result, haven’t invested in expensive courses or training meaning they can charge less. However, on your special day, an artist with more experience will have worked with more clients and developed their kit over a longer period of time making them a reliable choice. Self-taught make-up artists also typically practice on their own faces and have spent less time working on customers. 


Check the reviews 


Whether self-taught or professionally trained, your chosen MUA should have a portfolio of images to display their work. From a Facebook page to an online gallery, look for clients with similar features to your own and how they chose to approach the client’s make-up. In addition to browsing a professional’s photos, be sure to read their reviews and testimonials. On your wedding day, your make-up artist needs to be punctual and professional so keep an eye out for negative reviews concerning late or missed appointments. Look at the quality of the client review rather than the number of testimonials; many salons/freelancers offer incentives for reviews and these are typically shorter than genuine, uninfluenced feedback. A client that has left a long and well thought out review has chosen to take the time to do so and is clearly noticeably content with their treatment. 


Don’t fall for false promises


A bride will often enjoy professional make-up alongside her bridal party on her wedding day. For any make-up artist a group of clients requiring wedding glam is a lucrative opportunity. With this in mind, be wary of professionals who offer a generous discount to look after your whole party’s wedding treatments. On average in the UK a bride has three bridesmaids, with this in mind one artist alone would take around 5 hours not including setting up to complete the group’s make-up. All make-up artists should be thoroughly cleaning their brushes in between uses adding further additional time. If you’re not pushed for time and don’t have a strict schedule to follow this may not be an issue. However, 5+ hours is a significant amount of time to factor in on your special day. Choosing the perfect MUA for yourself and at least one to two more additional MUAs for your bridal party can help the day run more smoothly. 


Look for great communication


A bridal make-up application can be a MUA’s most rewarding and enjoyable service. When it comes to your wedding a make-up artist should naturally be excited for your nuptials and that should show in their communication. When reaching out to your preferred make-up artist feel free to ask for examples of client work on similar complexions and eye colour to yours, a conscientious pro should be happy to oblige. After sending your enquiry you should hear back within roughly two days. A MUA with a busy diary will be used to checking their inbox and emails frequently and you will need to be able to contact them a lot before your wedding. Even if your preferred make-up artist seems perfect, replying in an untimely fashion seriously isn’t worth the added stress as it gets closer to your special day. 


Address the extras


Before entering an agreement with a bridal make-up artist be sure that all your potential costs have been addressed. Some brides have been burnt with additional charges for parking, travel and supplies when they were not discussed prior to the wedding. You must never book on the day make-up without having a trial and as such should be able to have an invoice outlining all costs as a minimum from your chosen artist.

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