Cotton Gloves For Eczema


The vicious cycle that is eczema revolves around an insatiable itch; when the skin is scratched, further irritation causes cracks in the skin. Bacteria can enter the micro tears and inflame the skin and bleeding and crusting can often accompany this. Eczema is an incredibly difficult condition to cope with and has an exceptionally negative impact on a sufferer’s mental health. For those afflicted with this terrible itchy, dry, and high-maintenance skin problem, the search for new and effective treatments is never far from their mind.

The key to eczema management is keeping the skin nourished and hydrated. Eczema is caused by a disrupted skin barrier that is not able to retain moisture which in turn leads to dry, cracked, itchy skin. For people with eczema, a disciplined and religious moisturising routine can sometimes completely alleviate symptoms as dry skin = itchy skin. Unfortunately, finding the ideal emollient to keep the skin moisturised is a very personal journey as for seemingly no rhyme or reason, products that work well for some can cause angry reactions in others. 


Most eczema sufferers have spent hundreds if not thousands of pounds on products that promise to be eczema friendly, kind to sensitive skin, and non-irritating. Sadly, the triggers vary from person to person and a seemingly harmless ingredient can have a detrimental effect on already compromised skin types. 

Trial and error in the form of lotions, creams, and oils is a part of eczema life and more research is needed to support those struggling to find an acceptable quality of life with this condition.


Eczema Gloves For Adults


Some eczema treatments focus heavily on prevention with some people swearing by dietary and lifestyle changes. A non-inflammatory diet is possibly a great tool to support the skin. That being said, for those afflicted with eczema, it is not a one size fits all method. Through nutritional supplements and exercise and bathing routines, some people swear they have found their own curative combination.

A fairly new phenomenon comes in the form of cotton gloves. The idea behind wearing cotton gloves is to prevent the compulsion to scratch by using soft gloves that will not tear the skin. Even the shortest nails can completely satisfy an eczema itch but will leave the skin inflamed and damaged. 

Cotton gloves are mostly worn at night as many people see a rise in their itchiness with the sensation intensifying later in the day. Wearing cotton gloves during the day is basically impossible for any functioning adult who has a job and any form of responsibility.


The Benefits Of Cotton Eczema Gloves


The benefits of eczema gloves are essentially two-fold, for hand eczema they can keep the product on and soak into the cracks on the back of the hands and skin folds and also prevent bodily scratching as the fingers and nails are covered. 

Without realizing, many people with eczema will continue to scratch periodically during their sleep and wake up with sores and bloody scratches. Cotton gloves are an extremely cheap way to try and alleviate some of the pain that comes from eczema so are certainly worth a try. Amazon has probably the widest range to try and given the nature of impulsiveness that comes with the need for a quick eczema fix, Prime can have them at your home the very next day. There is no reason to spend much money on the gloves and we personally love the Ocean White Cotton Six Pack having repurchased them on multiple occasions.

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