Eyelash extensions are the wonder treatment used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes. Extensions can last between six to eight weeks and are made from several different materials including mink and even horsehair. Our therapists use one of three preferred brands and pride themselves on creating especially natural and fluttery lashes.

Before lusting after super fluffy or defined lashes, it’s important to remember that the results vary individually. Your own results will depend on the current length and strength of your natural hairs.

With this in mind, our therapists are highly experienced and will always recommend and apply the most appropriate style for your particular features. Be wary of professionals who easily agree to whichever style you want without any visual review of your natural lashes. Those who fail to do so may actually damage your existing lashes.

Patch testing and eyelash extensions are highly disputed and vary between insurance providers. Technically, no glue should touch your actual eye. All of our therapists at Bloom provide a patch test appointment which can be booked in conjunction with your actual appointment no less than 24 hours before.

Eyelash extensions are a high maintenance treatment that require regular infills to maintain beautiful results. Regular trips to the salon can seem expensive and extremely time-consuming. Through the Bloom app, we’re delighted to send our elite professionals to pamper customers in their own homes. With Bloom you can enjoy the same amazing results without any of the typical hassles.

Our therapists will guide you on how many lashes they recommend adding, the nature of the curl, and the length.


Top Tip

Make sure to book your lash appointment during a period where you can lay low for at least 12 hours afterward. Our MAC make-up artist and lash specialist Kelsey advises clients not to swim or wash their face for 12 hours post-appointment. This time period allows the glue a chance to dry.

Another recommendation from Kelsey: “Keep oily substances away from your eyes such as oil-based micellar waters. Failure to avoid such products can actually cause the glue to melt. In addition, avoid liquid eyeliner on the top lash line. Follow the above aftercare steps to ensure your lashes remain defined, clean and protected for longer.”

Below are three beautiful examples of the different types of extensions available. Our signature Bloom Classics, Russians and Hybrids.

All you need to know about lash styles is that classics are the most widely used technique and this involves applying a single lash extension over your natural lash.

The Russian Volume technique allows professionals to add up to eight ultra-fine extensions on to each eyelash for a fluffy, fanned-out effect.

Hybrid lashes are a combination of two different lash techniques in one. For example, therapists can choose to get creative with their styles, adding both classic and Russian techniques to achieve a super textured, naturally defined and fluttery look.

As Spring approaches and we lust for a more natural glow, lash extensions can provide the perfect base for a summer face that leaves you feeling confident without the need for makeup. To book your lash extensions simply download our app today ‘Bloom Beauty’ or contact the team on 07393351172.

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