Current Government Guidance


The UK Weddings Taskforce publishes formal representation for all UK wedding businesses by engaging directly with the Government, media, workers and customers. Recently, the organisation has confirmed that wedding ceremonies can take place in licensed, purpose-built wedding venues from 12 April onwards.

This confirmation came just a few days after the government explained that a number of weddings would not be allowed to go ahead from mid-April in line with current legislation. 

Cancelled Weddings


With this in mind, the UK Wedding Taskforce had said in such instances that 7,000 weddings would not be able to go ahead if country homes, barns, and small hotels without a ‘dedicated function’ room were unable to reopen. This is believed to potentially impact around 71% of weddings that do not take place in registry offices, places of worship, conference centres and hotels (in a separate function suite).

However, this has recently been overturned with the latest guidance confirming weddings will be able to go ahead from April 12th as long as they take place in a “Covid-19 secure”  licensed wedding venue. With regard to receptions, there is currently no clear guidance as to whether these gatherings are permitted. At the moment, wedding receptions are only allowed in an outdoor setting. 

Chris Naylor, the dedicated chairperson of the UK Weddings Taskforce, said: “The UK Weddings Taskforce is pleased that following its intervention, the government has reversed its decision and will now allow wedding ceremonies in licensed venues from step 2 (12 April). This news is hugely welcome for so many couples and wedding businesses. We are awaiting further information on the guidance for receptions.”

Typically there are normally 23,000 weddings between the period of April 12th – May 17th, however, due to the circumstances surrounding the pandemic it is estimated only around a third will go ahead in 2021. 

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