Summer is naturally one of the most popular and beautiful seasons to enjoy a wedding. An abundance of fresh blooms coupled with sun-drenched terraces makes for stunning wedding photography and nuptial bliss.

One minor inconvenience with a glorious sunny day comes in the form of slipping and smudging make-up and as a wedding guest, you’ll undoubtedly want to keep flyaways and glam faux pas at bay. 


Heat Proof Hydration


When preparing your face for make-up you should always do your entire skin routine first including the last and most important step of a trusty SPF. Primers can be very hit and miss and have both cult fans and a lot of sceptics, but particular products can genuinely work wonders in warm weather. 

In addition to absorbing excess oil and blurring imperfections, primers can act as an almost adhesive layer for your make-up to lightly cling to, increasing its longevity. We absolutely love every primer in this list.

Keep It Simple

It can be easy to overdo our make-up in an attempt to mask our imperfections. Whether you are hoping to conceal dark circles, cover up acne or fill in fine lines, less is more is always the best advice you can follow. 

Sunlight can, unfortunately, highlight imperfections and exaggerate excess product and that ‘cakey’ base look. Very few of us feel confident in our own skin and even those blessed with a near-flawless complexion can hide behind too much foundation. If you are currently battling with a breakout or feel insecure with low coverage formulas, use only a couple of pumps of foundation and instead spot apply concealer for a more lightweight finish. It can be tempting to reapply and layer foundation in order to erase all traces of hyperpigmentation or spots but do try and remember everyone has blemishes and your role at a wedding is first and foremost to have fun. 

Colour correcting can be an extremely effective way to reduce the appearance of discolouration and pimples and can also help avoid the temptation to wear too much foundation. 

Opt For Waterproof Make-Up

Unless you have a stiff upper lip, weddings are generally pretty awe inducing occasions. With emotions running high and a lovely atmosphere it can be near impossible not to cry throughout the duration of a loved ones special day.

If you’re blessed with tear proof make-up, the Summer heat and subsequent sweating will give all your products a run for their money.  Waterproof mascaras are a great choice for all weddings but are especially helpful when it’s warm to avoid the dreaded panda eye smudging For those with oilier skin types, increasing the longevity of make-up may seem like an impossible task but a fantastic setting spray can help combat the effects of facial sweating too. 

For mascara we love the Too Faced formula and the Mac Prep + Finish Mist for a sweat combatting setting spray.  


Ditch Powder Products for Liquids

In warm environments, powder shadows have a tendency to crease which is a real inconvenience after carefully crafting an eye look.

One simple trick when preparing for wedding’s this Summer is to opt for a liquid or more creamy product which will be significantly more durable in the warm weather. We love Charlotte Tilbury’s cream shadows especially in warm and bronzey shades which complement every eye colour. 

For optimum radiance, set a liquid foundation well but sparingly with a reliable powder such as Laura Mercier’s Translucent bestseller rather than layering powdered products. 


Dealing with a SULA! (sweaty upper lip alert)

It can be hard enough to keep lipstick in place in any weather, however, a well-placed lip liner is your best friend when it comes to locking your lipstick in place.

Lip liners help add volume, shape and definition to our lips whilst also causing a physical barrier to lipsticks feathering. You can finish any lip look with a concealed trim and an angled brush and in Summer matte formulas will typically last longer and need to be reapplied less frequently.

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