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 Sweat and bacteria have been causing a number of issues for key workers over the last year and have even promoted the new phrase of ‘maskne’. If you’re fortunate enough to only be wearing your mask in a taxi dash or as a wedding guest we’ve put together a few top tips from our make-up team to avoid smudging and increase product longevity.

Before we get into the cosmetic logistics of mask-proof make-up it’s worth mentioning that a year post lockdown there are now a wide variety of masks available in an array of materials. There really isn’t one particular type of mask that will be least invasive to your make-up so you should simply opt for a style and material that is effective at keeping you safe and that you find the most comfortable.  The bottom line with masks and make-up, you’re never going to get flawless results, however, by adopting the following tips and tricks you can help eliminate the effect as best you can.




A thorough and hydrating skincare routine can often make primers seem obsolete and many people question their efficacy. However, a well-formulated primer can definitely increase the longevity of your make-up, especially one created to address oil production and designed to boost the wear of your other products. There are hundreds of primers on the market each addressing their own skin issue. From pore blurring to oil-absorbing and skin smoothing, it can be a minefield to find the right product. Hydration is every skin type’s best friend whether dry, oily, or dehydrated in condition and these formulas will be best for keeping your skin and make-up, tip-top.







 Face Powder and

Setting Spray

When applied well, setting powder is an integral part of all make-up looks to eliminate unwanted shine and to help keep other products in place. Less is more with powder products, even when wearing your mask but consider topping off any cream products such as contour or bronzer with a touch of powder. Combining an illuminating but mattifying powder with a tried and tested setting spray is the perfect way to avoid a cakey base but add some much-needed reassurance to our oilier areas including the t zone. We love combining Laura Mercier’s translucent powder with the Charlotte Tilbury flawless finishing spray to help our base products melt into a smudge and sweatproof application.






Typically a powder or a cream blush adds sufficient coverage and colour for everyday make-up needs. However, when looking for maximum wear, try setting your cream products with a powder blush. Look for similar tones in both products and imagine your powder blush is the perfect pinky, peach, orange setting powder specifically for your cheeks. We love setting Charlotte Tilbury’s highly coveted Pinkgasm with our Clinique cheek pop.




We can’t deny that cream and liquid highlighters hold a special place in our radiant base loving hearts. However, there are many trusty powder products that can add a little more reliable coverage for masked up occasions as well as adding a soft glow.  We love products that are finely milled and illuminating without large amounts of glitter such as doll beauty’s pearly and golden highlighting powders.


Eyeshadow and Liner


There are not many eye looks that can rival a sharp winged liner. However, when wearing a mask your eye make-up is the most important and for a long-wearing look, you’ll need a primer, cream shadow, and a waterproof gel liner. The combination of a cream shadow will help to eliminate smudging that is more likely with a powder and a gel liner will is very easy to touch up throughout the day.




Simply finish your brow products and style with a brow gel. We’d recommend on mask occasions or in warm weather to opt for a clear formula such as soap brows or benefit’s brow gel as you will add extra hours of wear to your base product but avoid colour the colour of a tinted gel from smudging. Think of your brow gel as hairspray or mousse for your eyebrow hairs.

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