Whether you’re constantly refining a 7 step glass skincare routine or are content with your cleanse, tone and moisturise ritual, everyone lusts after a beautiful bridal glow. Nourished and healthy skin is your make-ups perfect accompaniment and there are always new ways to boost our skin’s hydration, radiance, and condition. We’ve noted our top tips to help you look fabulous on your special day and address any skin concerns that are looming over your bridal photos.

Stressless skin


Stress can manifest itself physically in many ways from pure inconvenience to embarrassment and chronic pain. When it comes to our skin, many inflammatory conditions such as psoriasis and keratosis pilaris may be partially triggered by stress or in fact worsened by internal unrest. Relieving stress in the current climate may seem a laughable concept, 2020 has been a year we’d all like to forget. However, acknowledging you’re stressed rather than running on empty in itself can help contribute to a more effective work-life balance. Many typical activities and routines aimed at de-stressing our mind and body have variable results and can also create a placebo effect. However, choosing a favoured activity, whether it be taking part in yoga, meditation or enjoying nature with country walks, is always a good idea. All of the above are gentle forms of exercise and involve taking well needed time away from your desk kitchen table. There really is no remedy to stress or the negative effects on our skin, however, prioritising this form of self-care will help eliminate feelings of guilt from an otherwise unproductive day. We all strive for discipline and commitment in our daily lives and sticking to an activity that can only benefit our health is a great start.


Consider a dermatologist


First thing’s first, finding a brilliant dermatologist is not going to be an exercise that you can do cheaply. Weddings are expensive and many of us over budget in the pursuit of the perfect day. If your skin is one of your insecurities, or you have a particular concern, a dermatologist can be worth their weight in gold. You do not need a professional to help achieve clear or hydrated skin, but they are invaluable in helping you to achieve your dream skin goals. If you have acne to target, fine lines to reduce, or feel your skin is dull and lacklustre, a dermatologist can help you tailor a routine addressing these specific issues. A dermatologist should be seen as an investment into your skin and targeted, professional advice can actually save you time and money spent trialing many products. Many people who try to target a specific skin gripe without professional oversight, can end up chemically burning, dehydrating, or damaging their skin’s barrier. If you’re trying new products make sure to religiously follow their application instructions and if you have any reactions other than a light tingle or slight peeling, tone them down. Don’t continue to use a product and assume painful breakouts are ‘purging’ or see peeling as rejuvenation, it’s very easy to get caught up in another person’s fabulous results and reviews. 


Laser hair removal

If ever there’s a time to prioritise hair removal in pursuit of smooth pins, your wedding and honeymoon are the perfect occasions. For optimum results, consistent appointments from 9-12 months before your special day may be necessary. It usually takes around six sessions, six weeks apart to see permanent results. If you can’t justify the cost, waxing is a cheaper and great alternative. If pain is your number one concern, technology has never been better and treatments typically hurt a lot less these days. 

Don’t forget your neck and décolletage


Our decolletage is one of the most overlooked places in our skincare routine despite being an age giveaway for most ladies. Our neck and chest are typically neglected when it comes to suncare and as a result, can wrinkle more significantly. The skin on our neck and our chest is typically more delicate than the skin on our face and should be carefully looked after throughout our lives. Retinol is possibly the most effective treatment on the current skincare market and can be applied to our neck and chest to combat signs of ageing. Retinols vary widely in strength and you should always start with an over the counter, low percentage formula and closely monitor for any adverse effects. Retinol works by increasing your skin’s turnover and the results are highly coveted by young women in their 20’s to 80’s. 


Keratin treatments


For those who refuse to embrace frizz on their big day, a keratin treatment may be the sleekest option for your temperamental tresses. From Brazillian blow dry’s to intensive straightening solutions, such treatments may seem like a minefield. We recommend speaking with your most trusted hairdresser to discuss the options that would work best for your hair type. Like with most bridal prep, having a trial run usually created the best on the day results so a few months before the big day is a great time to try your chosen formulation. If you don’t want to commit to a treatment, there are many great options on the market for at-home results, they won’t be long-lasting but can offer at least a day’s worth of hair heaven, we love Olaplex No 6 Bond Smoother

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