For many brides, their wedding make-up is the most important glam of their life and a bridal trial is a necessary part of ensuring things run smoothly on their special day.


How to Make the Most of Your Wedding Make-Up Trial


Your bridal makeup should bespoke and ensure you look and feel beautiful on your special day. One common mistake make-up artists make is despite applying beautiful glam, losing the unique style and features of the customer with a generic look.  It’s essential that your makeup artist listens and tailors the trial to exactly what you require.

Don’t choose the cheapest or the first artist you come across and make sure you do not settle. Researching and reading reviews is extremely important as even the most talented make-up artists could have a dreadful reputation or poor punctuality. Be extremely wary of any artist not insisting on a trial as most experienced MUAs still recognise the need for a practice run to fully personalise their client’s make-up. Brilliant make-up artists are normally always full so book an initial trial to check you’re happy with the makeup and to also get to know the make-up artist.

If you happen to book your trial a bit too early or drastically change your appearance such as dying your hair more than two shades lighter or darker, you may want to book another trial so your artist can adjust the look to complement your new colouring.

If you’re planning on having a spray tan prior to your wedding then be sure to fake tan before your trial so your foundation is colour matched accordingly.

Before your trial, consider the wedding makeup styles you have seen and love and be sure to bring along saved photographs as inspiration for your makeup artist.

As a general rule, less is more when it comes to bridal beauty in order to achieve a soft and ethereal look. Soft glam may seem an inappropriate choice if you have pigmentation or acne, however, a professional make-up artist will help to keep your glam looking delicate whilst also hiding imperfections. Acne and other imperfections which we all have, do not need layers of make-up to cover up, think the quality of application, not quantity.

When choosing your chosen style and look consider avoiding particularly trendy make-up. For example, fluffy brows are currently a major trend and look beautiful, however, overly laminated styles may look very outdated in ten years. Make-up is all about enhancing our natural features and subtle choices are often the most timeless for brides.



Get to Know Your Wedding Make Up Artist


Your make-up artist will want to discuss how you’d normally wear your make up for different occasions and may want to see pictures for a little perspective. The worst thing for brides when having make-up applied is to look in the mirror and not recognise themself. It can also be a good idea to bring along your current make-up bag so your artist gets an idea of your typical style and remember to always come without makeup on.

Consider starting a Pinterest board and invite your make up artist to join so you share ideas together to establish your own signature bridal aesthetic.

Believe it or not, your bridal MUA will also benefit from knowing more about your dress style and accessories. Whether your hair is up or down will also influence your artist’s choices.

The season you’re getting married in will also affect your artists choice of products, for example, if you’re in a hot climate you may require longer wearing products.

If you’re not sure what red flags to look out for during your trial take a look here.


When to have Your Wedding Make-Up Trial


As a general rule, having your bridal trial about three months before your wedding is normally the best plan. Three months before your wedding you will hopefully have your hair and dress sorted so any make-up related decisions will be relevant in three months time. If for some reason you did not enjoy your make-up trial, three months is sufficient time to chose another professional.

In terms of timings, try and book your trial for a morning so you can see how the make-up wears throughout the day and looks in different lighting.

Be sure to take pictures of yourself with the makeup on, so you can see where you might have too much shine or where the photo may be showing flash back. For example, wearing makeup containing SPF can sometimes show up as a white veil on the skin in photos and will need tackling.

Honest Feedback


Always get in touch with your make up artist after your trial to feedback what has worked well and what could be better. This will allow your MUA to tweak what they use on the big day.

Consider buying similar colour palettes ahead of your wedding so you get comfortable wearing them and are sure you love them. the colours used such as a lipstick and wear regularly to ensure you love them. Ask your bridesmaids and family for their thoughts on the look too – they’ll be honest if they think you don’t look like yourself.

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