For most people, an engagement ring is the most important and often the most expensive piece of jewelry you’ll ever own.  It’s important to know how to properly care for your ring and keep it sparkling for years to come.

We’ve compiled a list of things to consider when looking after your ring and some necessary purchases to ensure its longevity.



Invest In Insurance


For most significant purchases, insurance is a necessary investment to protect you financially and your engagement ring should be no exception. Such insurance can cover your ring being stolen, lost, or damaged in the future. Depending on just how expensive your ring was, it may be a good idea to have it appraised every few years to reevaluate the price and potential insurance payout.


Avoid Harsh Products


When handling any harsh chemicals such as bleach or other cleaning products, you should always be wearing appropriate gloves. However, when in a rush we may skip gloves which is something that is especially careless when wearing a precious ring. Such strong chemicals can affect a ring’s finish and directly damage permeable gemstones in an irreversible fashion.


Keep Your Hands Off


It’s more than likely after first flaunting your engagement ring, your hands will be meticulously clean and careful. However, as something we wear most of our lives it can be hard to keep the precious stones clean. From dust to body oil and general grime, your ring can become dirty very easily, especially the focal diamond. If you need to adjust your ring or remove it, do take care to not touch the stones directly and instead tug only on the band which is significantly easier to clean.


Unnecessary Wear and Tear


Diamond is the hardest form of carbon and as such an extremely strong wearing material. However, your engagement ring will always be precious and is not immune to wear and tear over time. The most common form of damage to a diamond ring can be a chip to the stone and when participating in any contact sports or strenuous activities, consider removing it with a better to be safe than sorry mantra.


Photo Ready Polishing


If your wedding is looming there’s not really a better time to get your wedding bands professionally cleaned and looking their best. A reputable jeweler will use a combination of steamers and sonic cleaners for a thorough and sparkling treatment. If your wedding is only days to go, keep them boxed up before your big day so they look extra beautiful in your captured photos.


Buy Multiple Ring Dishes


When washing up, going in the bath, or even going to bed, there are numerous places you can benefit from placing a small ring dish. Purchasing a ring dish means you’re never removing your ring and leaving it lingering on a surface where it can be knocked off and there are many pocket-friendly and dainty designs available.

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