If you’re used to a pristine manicure you are no doubt longing for your trusted nail tech at the moment. A nail appointment can be relaxing, confidence-boosting and an opportunity for a good old chinwag with your nail pro turned good friend. 

To keep your nails looking as healthy as possible and strong during the current circumstances we’ve compiled a list of do’s and don’ts and general advice to keep you feeling fab. 


Don’t pick off any remaining gel


It’s the number one piece of advice with all gel mani’s and pedi’s so nowadays it should just be a given not to pick off your gel. Chipped manicures although undesirable are really much better than a damaged and split nail as a result of unnecessary picking. Even the highest shine and longest-lasting manicure ever will eventually meet its demise from hot water and other daily wear and tear. With this in mind, when left, your gels will eventually only need a little buff to remove all remaining polish and the health of your nail will not be compromised in the process. 


Filing and shaping


To create your desired nail shape, (we’ve linked a fab blog to inspire you here), you’ll need a robust and trusty emery board and to take things slow. Many people dread filing down their nails as quite frankly it’s rather dull and easy to over/under shape them leaving lacklustre results. However, slowly filing them down avoids taking too much nail off at once and allows for more precision. Be sure to check your shape as you go for the most even results possible.


Add an oil into your routine


Watermelon, citrus, and even chocolate are just some of the delicious flavours of cuticle oil to indulge you at the end of your professional manicure. A good oil can soften the nail fold and avoid those prone to dry skin from the current overwashing and sanitising, from cracking. Our favourite is the Jessica Phenomen Oil available at Feel Unique.


Do my nails need to breathe?


Contrary to popular belief our nails do not breathe. They do not have a miniature set of lungs and as such don’t require a break from polish. For those whose nails may actually seem healthier during a withdrawal from treatments, it is highly likely your nail tech was not applying or removing products such as acrylic correctly. If your nail technician has sufficient experience and skill they will have undoubtedly transformed your digits for the better and always leave them feeling strong and healthy. 


Moisturise religiously


Many people have niggles about their nails when the problems can usually be attributed to the overall condition of their hands. A firm favourite hand cream won’t help your nails grow or strengthen but soft, supple hands and eradicating dry chapped skin makes for the perfect canvas for your nails. 

We’re looking forward to being able to pamper hard-working ladies across the region when this unprecedented time is over. We will be offering 10% off all nail services until October 2020. Members of the NHS will be eligible for entry in our ultimate pamper giveaway. Send us an email with the subject #NHSPAMPER to enter. 

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