Gel nails are the miracle treatment of the 21st century, with the wonderful combination of no drying time and chip resistance. However, such desirable results require a little aftercare to ensure that potential wear and tear is kept at bay. Below we’ve listed our expert tips to keep your gel manicure looking tip top.

One thing to avoid after your treatment is exposing your hands to too much hot water. Whether doing the dishes or relaxing in the bath, hot water can seep into your nail plates. This can cause the polish to lift and subsequently peel. To eliminate this issue simply use rubber gloves for the washing up and keep your long soaks to a minimum.

Our technicians use cuticle oil during your gel manicure and keep your cuticles nourished and moisturised. This allows cuticles to be pushed back ready for gel application. To keep the salon-fresh look for longer, a great idea is to purchase a good quality cuticle oil and apply it each day at home.

If your nail polish does start to peel, never pick at it or try and remove it yourself. In the instance of a chipped nail be sure to book in a gel removal to ensure no damage occurs to your natural nail.

Our Monthly Essentials package is now available to keep your hands and toes looking beautiful each month. Take the stress out of any potential nail faux pas, for more information please visit our treatments page.


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