There are many things to consider when starting a mobile beauty business and there are often teething problems along the way. Our team of mobile beauticians has listed a few things to consider to help ease any initial hiccups. Hear from those who have had a real experience. 


Choosing your kit


A beauticians kit is an expensive and often thoroughly tried and tested asset to their beauty treatments. Conscientious beauty therapists will strive to find the best-suited products for both their skillset and client needs.


“Buy Cheap, Buy Twice”


It is easy as a newly qualified technician to sway towards buying cheaper products in order to stock a larger variety. However, the saying “buy cheap, buy twice” is often applicable.

A good quality and well thought out set of products will almost always please your customers. A great kit can also highlight the passion you have for your treatments. A huge no-no as a qualified technician is purchasing products that do not require professional training to buy or use. There are lots of good quality, affordable nail, lash and spray tan brands that create beautiful results. Just don’t resort to Ebay or Amazon, rely instead on a professional stockist. Brands have professional only purchasing limits in order to add quality control to their reputation. Making sure only professionals can buy products also stops unqualified people from misusing their products.

The bottom line for your business should be that the money and time spent refining your kit reflects your talent and fantastic client service. When considering starting your beauty business you must be willing to view your kit as an investment in your future earnings and potential customer satisfaction. 


Practice makes perfect


If you’re a newly qualified beautician, be sure to practice as much as possible on friends and family. In addition to improving your skillset this will allow your loved ones to provide honest feedback prior to being open to potential critique from the public. For treatments such as gel nails,  practice on others and not just yourself. Some beauticians are able to complete beautiful manicures on themselves and overlook issues with an actual client application. When practicing on friends and family, take the opportunity to conduct a professional style appointment in order to rehearse your manner. This will help your confidence when you are first exposed to paying clients and allow you to address any constructive criticism from those closest to you. 


Create a business page


Social media provides a fantastic free platform to advertise your business and display your talent in user-friendly pictures and videos. When beginning your new career, avoid having a regular Facebook account. Those using only a personal style account can be seriously off-putting to potential clients. The more professional your page looks the more attractive it is to both new and existing customers. Facebook business pages provide features that a personal page can’t and you should use these as much as possible. Reviews, auto-scheduling, and analytics are just some of the free things you can tap into when marketing your business online through a professional page.


Avoid too many competitions


Many beauticians and salon owners run the odd Facebook competition. However, most experienced professionals keep such giveaways at a minimum due to the ‘customers’ they can attract. It’s true that Facebook and Instagram competitions offer a short term solution to gaining likes and exposure. Unfortunately, this can attract those who would never use your services and who simply want a freebie. At Bloom, we’re delighted to have been able to reach new clients through our giveaways who have rebooked in time and time again. However, we receive a lot of entries from people whose whole timeline is one competition reshare after the other. Ultimately, excessive amounts of competitions can lead to your page being deleted. Lastly, you will end up creating an audience of people who never intend to spend any money on your services. 

If you’re looking to start your own beauty business or have been operating in and around Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham or Teesside get in touch to find out about all the benefits Bloom can provide. With our innovative app and beauty platform, we can provide you with more clients, revenue, and exposure to top up your professional diary. 

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