The current body make-up trend may seem like another investment that actually just gives us new imperfections to consider. However, to those with skin conditions such as eczema, uneven skin tone, or ladies even looking to feel thinner and more toned. Body make-up can be relied upon as a secret beauty weapon. 


Such products range in formulas, finishes, and tones. The general gist of body make-up is generally to conceal, add colour and blur out imperfections. Body make-up provides a similar effect that a regular foundation for the face can provide. 


From supple oils to rich lotions we’ve highlighted 5 of the best brands on the market for that summer glow. 


Vita Liberata Body Blur £29.95 Boots


Available in 3 different shades, this lightweight lotion formula glides on to add a deep bronzed glow. The product leaves an airbrush finish and can be applied beautifully with a velvet tanning mitt. 


We’re yet to discover a brand with a completely non-transferable formula, however, we love how little transfer occurs with this product. We even have the confidence to apply even when wearing white! Body Blur never causes us any irritation, eczema outbreaks and does not cling to dry skin, which makes it our firm favourite. We find one tube can last several months and is worth every penny. 


Bod Bake Instant Blur (face and body) £14.95 Beauty Bay


We particularly love the versatility of this product and the fact we can use it on both our face and body. The texture is luxurious and slightly gel like which can make it harder to blend in than other brands. The colour is deeper than other formulas and certainly adds a summer bronze glow. For days where the weather pleasantly surprises us and a skirt/dress is a must, this is the perfect product to add a beautiful and even finish to pasty legs. 


Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Lotion 


This brand is also available in a spray formula but we are most smitten with the gel-like lotion for beautiful pins. A huge benefit of this product is how easy it applies with a mitt or blending brush. Both formulas seem to glide on and look very much like a regular foundation. We only ever need to use sparingly with one coat, offering both enough colour and coverage. There’s very little drying time and the final effect is incredibly airbrushed. We also feel like this formula makes our legs appear slimmer and with more definition.

The only snag with this lotion and the spray is out of all of our favourite products it is the most susceptible to transfer. When adding product to your feet it can leave shoe marks and lines quite quickly. We wouldn’t recommend wearing when it’s too hot as any sweating can really make the lotion slide. Overall, we think both formulas are a bargain for an instant bronze and confidence boost. 


This Works perfect skin miracle £38 Look Fantastic 


Here at Bloom, we can’t get enough of This Works products. We worship their innovative products and are always a fan of their super ingredient lists. 


We had high hopes for this formula and were pleased to see no streaks and a genuine healthy glow to the skin. Our only niggle was that for the bronzed glow we were seeking, there didn’t seem to be a deep enough colour. Don’t be fooled by the initially strong guide tint. It certainly helps to even skin tone and feels very nourishing and healthy on the skin. For those looking for a fresh glow rather than an added bronze, this product is a great purchase. We would recommend wearing a false tan underneath for additional colour, unlike Vita Liberata which looks great without. 

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