Nowadays Instagram ads seem to be taking over and if you’re a beauty lover you’ve more than likely been presented with multiple ad serum features. In short, lash serums are typically clear balms and formulas that coat your eyelashes with nourishing and hydrating ingredients.

It’s more than justifiable to be slightly skeptical about any such product with claims such as lengthening lashes and adding volume. However, it’s worth noting that many serums have been formulated to specifically target lash breakage and shedding which can help the overall appearance and strength of your fluttery features.

There is currently only one FDA-approved lash serum on the market in the form of Latisse which is available on a prescription-only basis. This one of a kind product is formulated with bimatoprost, an active ingredient which helps your existing lashes to grow whilst stimulating new hair growth over 4-6 weeks.

For those wanting to start with an over-the-counter option, we’ve compiled a list of tried and tested products that do just the job of conditioning our lashes. Like with any new product, especially one near your eyes, be sure to patch test a small area first to check for any adverse reactions.



Revitalash Serum £45.90


This serum works as an advanced eyelash conditioner which encourages strength and fullness in addition to flexibility in weak, or brittle lashes. This gentle formula helps to rejuvenate the lashes with a quench of hydration and is recommended to use daily for beautiful results. Paraben-free, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly.






NYK1 Lash Serum £40


An international beauty award winner this year, NYK1’s formula is an innovative and concentrated lash and brow growth serum. Combining purified ingredients that stimulate growth in both lash length and thickness we have seen fantastic results with this product in a matter of weeks.






UK Lash Serum £38


With a plethora of impressive before and after images this enhancing serum targets brittle short and even sparse lashes. Formulated with natural vitamins, peptides, and extracts this serum claims to nourish your lashes with the necessary ingredients to look fuller and longer within just 25 days.






Essy Naturals Lash Serum £19.95


Nourishing and natural and extremely pocket friendly. This formula is clinically proven to help boost the thickness and length of eyelashes within only 2 weeks of daily use. During a trial period, over 6 weeks of daily use saw a 55% increase in natural eyelashes.







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