When juggling work and the rest of our day to day responsibilities, low maintenance beauty is an extremely appealing concept. Over the last year,  for many women, the effort behind looking and feeling ‘presentable’ has seemed more of a chore than ever. When your bedroom is your office and your spare time is limited and localised, looking beautiful is the last of our priorities. 

With Spring in sight and the country reopening, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite beauty multitaskers to help you take care of yourself with as minimal time and effort required. Whether you’re looking for a rosy blush that can double as a pop of lip colour or a moisturiser that will simultaneously and perfectly prime your skin, we’ve got you covered. 

Luscious Locks and Cuticles 

Here at Bloom our favourite form of moisturiser will forever be an oil based formula. After a hot bath, lathering wet skin with a hydrating oil is an efficient and indulgent treat to keep dry skin at bay. 

Scented oils are one of the most versatile products you can add to your beauty regime and a rich product such as Caudelie’s Divine Oil can be applied to dry split ends, damp skin and even nourish your cuticles in between manicures. 

If you are sensitive to fragrances a trusty squalane oil can also be used all over the body to eliminate dryness and prevent dehydrated skin. We particularly love Biossance’s Squalane on our arms, legs and hair ends. One bottle lasts a long, long time so is fully worth the splurge. 

Highlight Your Lids and Cheeks


A firm favourite in most beauty bags, highlighters can add dewiness to a well set base, illuminate cheekbones and complete any eye make-up look.   When selecting the perfect product for this multipurpose advantage consider the formula you are most competent at applying. For us, a powder highlighter always looks great and acts as a much needed sweep to our lids when in a hurry. If you prefer a creamy formula for a more intense coverage you’ll be best applying this with your fingertips on your eyelids and with a beauty blender or soft bristled kabuki brush. 

We love a pearlescent golden tone when highlighting and love Doll Beauty powders. In addition to blending seamlessly with a round brush they are as highly pigmented as any shadow without being full of glitter. 

The Power of Paw Paw 


You may have heard of the fabulous Dr Paw Paw line and certainly seen their signature yellow tube. However, did you know the brand stocks multiple shades which can double as a sheer creamy blush or hydrating lip treat? We love the rosy bottle for a pop of cheek and lip colour and thanks to the hydrating inci list, it’s safe for our face. If you love a more sheer, glossy eyeshadow look, the original formula also works great as a slightly tacky eye base to mix creamy shadows with. 

A Beautiful Base 


This year Bobbi Brown’s Vitamin Enriched Face Base has been gracing our screen on Tik Tok and has been majorly hyped by both influencers and MUA’s. This creamy and rich formula promises to create the perfect hydrated canvas for make-up. In addition to working as a priming product, customers also love the formula as a stand alone moisturiser for both AM and PM. 

The Original Multi-Purpose Balm


Whether in a tub, tin or balm, Vaseline is certainly a household staple for most families and in many beauty bags. From chapped lips to ‘slugging’, pure petroleum jelly is one of the cheapest and most commonly used ingredients in skin care. If your skin barrier is damaged on your lips or face, Vaseline can act as an occlusive layer over moisturiser to help seal in moisture and prevent TEWL (transepidermal water loss, aka water leaving the top layer of the skin). 

If you suffer from Hayfever, small amounts of Vaseline can also be placed timely within your nostrils to help ‘trap’ pollen. WIth Spring pending, be sure to give it a try to help ease your seasonal sniffling.

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