If you’re lusting after clear wedding skin or are in pursuit of an anti ageing regime, prescription skincare can be an affordable and highly effective solution.

Here in the UK, convincing your GP of the need for specialised skin treatments can be a long battle. There are a handful of notable treatments your GP can prescribe you with especially for eczema and acne and many are used successfully with temporary and mild side effects such as dry, flaking skin. For more complex or persistent problems a referral may be necessary to nip your skin conditions in the bud. However, even if you are successfully referred to a dermatologist, you will more than likely have a long wait on your hands. The mental and physical side effects of problematic skin can be incredibly painful and upsetting. With this in mind, the expense of going directly to a private skin care professional can be a life changing investment.

Over the last few years, a few fantastic online services have helped to make prescriptive skin care more accessible and efficient. Brands such as Dermatica and Skin + Me work with in house dermatologists to prescribe tailor made formulas through short online consultations in the form of a questionnaire. In addition to a personalised monthly treatment, formulated specifically to address your skincare concerns, you will have ongoing access to support and customer service.


Active Ingredients


Ingredients such as Tretinoin are available on a prescription only basis due to their potency and because of the care that should be taken in conjunction when using a Retinoid based treatment. Both Skin + Me and Dermatica are able to prescribe formulas including this anti ageing and acne fighting ingredient and will factor in your age, skin type and concern when creating your formula. For pigmentation, acne and rosacea, your formula will contain one of three active ingredients from tret to niacinamide and azaelic acid.

A flawless bridal make-up base starts with beautifully prepared skin and an online service ranging from £19.99 – £21.99 could be a great way to start a proactive journey to healthier and more radiant skin. Both online brands suggest pairing your skin care routine right back when incorporating active ingredients to allow them to work to their full potential and avoid unwanted side effects.


A Simplified Skin Routine


Your prescriptive skin care routine should comprise a gentle, hydrating cleanser, an effective spf and a nourishing moisturiser. At night time, your monthly formulation should be applied first to cleansed and clean skin. After 10-30 minutes apply your moisturiser and keep your routine nice and simple. Clients of both Skin + Me and Dermatica have boasted beautiful results and in many cases any persistent side effects such as dry or oilier skin can be combated with further advice from their professional teams.

For more experienced retinoic acid users we recommend Dermatica due to its initially stronger prescriptions. For beginners and those with more sensitised skins we recommend Skin + Me. We particularly love the personalised ‘daily doser’ dispenser from Skin + Me which makes applying the perfect amount of product super easy whilst also making an attractive addition to our bathroom cabinet.

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