Skipping a bridal trial


Even for the most experienced bridal professionals, make-up on the day is always a daunting procedure. It’s amazing to help a bride look and feel gorgeous but there’s always extra pressure to make their glam particularly flawless. Be wary of make-up artists who do not insist upon a trial run for your special day. For many women, their wedding is the most important day of their lives and the day to feel more beautiful than ever. A competent and professional artist will not let you book bridal glam without a practice run to ensure you are absolutely content with your look. At the trial, you will have the opportunity to try numerous looks in a consultation style appointment.



Shiny not dewy


Many brides lust after an ethereal no make-up, make-up look, and as such can try to avoid mattifying products. Nowadays there are hundreds of setting sprays, primers, and finishing powders that can all help the longevity of your make-up and eradicate shine. If you come away from a make-up trial feeling like your base is ‘cakey’ your MUA has overdone it. There’s a fine and perfect balance to be made when applying finishing products and you will absolutely need some form of powder. Applied correctly and with an appropriate applicator, a good finishing powder will keep your glam looking stunning all day.


Experimenting with new products


As mentioned, your trial run eradicates the need for any potential trial and error on your wedding day. As such, there should be no reason for your make-up artist to introduce a new product to your make-up routine. A new product could cause a skin reaction such as a rash or red, irritated skin. The practice appointment is the only time to test new products, allowing enough time for any adverse reactions to be addressed, and the product eliminated from your bridal kit.


Poor preparation 


We must admit, here at BLOOM we’re not too fussed on facial primers. We believe a thorough skin routine prior to make-up application provides the perfect base for beautiful make-up. With this in mind, at your trial, you should also be using the same skincare routine that you intend to on your wedding day. Your MUA will most likely have their own favourite products for a boost of radiance or chiseled cheekbones, however, if you have a trusty skincare regime, ask them to incorporate all of your usual products. Not many people are blessed with a ‘normal’ skin type and as such, shouldn’t be adding 3-7 skin care steps and products at either a trial or on the day.

Overdoing it


Even the most subtle make-up application can transform a person’s features. Overdoing make-up and taking someone from natural to full glam should always be done with a less is more approach. Make-up should always be used as a way of enhancing our unique features and lashings of mascara and heavily applied foundation are not necessary. One way a MUA can avoid ‘overdoing’ a client’s make-up and making them feel unrecognisable, is to review the glam at each stage of the application. Here at BLOOM our MUA’s check in with clients after applying base products, lip liner, and gloss/lipstick and after eyeshadow and then liner/mascara. Reviewing your make-up at such intervals allows you to stop and address any issues where appropriate rather than open your eyes and see someone you don’t recognise in the mirror.


It’s much easier for a MUA to amend and remove make-up whilst at each stage than to start from scratch which is a stressful and awful situation for both bride and professional. It may seem time-consuming but it’s much easier to add make-up than remove it and your wedding day is one day your glam should be exactly how you envision it.


Forgetting the ears and chest


Body make-up is a fairly recent phenomenon and can be the perfect addition to your bridal beauty routine. However, a white gown and a shimmery solution can be a recipe for disaster. If your MUA has multiple make-ups to do on the day of your wedding sometimes overlooking certain steps or having to rush can be inevitable. Our body can physically show emotion in the form of red ears and chest and as such a thin application of foundation or concealer should be applied to these places. Once your hair is styled and ready to go, your MUA should use a skin-matching concealer or foundation to lightly cover the parts of your ears on display. Likewise, a very sheer application can be applied to the chest, avoiding the neckline of your dress, blending immaculately.


Not prioritising client feedback 


During your must-have bridal trial, your MUA should be learning everything you love about make-up and hearing your desires for your big day. Many women who have never had their make-up professionally applied can feel lost and easily overwhelmed during a make-up appointment and respond with ”Just make me look pretty.” Your MUA should be able to show you various looks that would work particularly well with your features and even if you were make-up daily, asking how you usually shape your brows and what foundation finish you like are necessities.

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