We’re currently recruiting mobile beauticians from across the region to join our network of beauticians. There are many great benefits of becoming a Bloom Beautician and we’re delighted to currently be adding new make-up artists and nail technicians to our team. 

As a freelance beautician, it’s great to work as your own boss, choosing your hours and creating lasting relationships with loyal and lovely clients. However, as an independent professional, inconsiderate clients can contribute to financial losses and also affect a beautician’s confidence. 

No Show’s

One of the most unpleasant and disheartening circumstances for a beauty professional is a customer missing an appointment. For many freelancers and especially mobile beauticians a prepaid deposit is needed to add credibility to a customer’s booking. This can help eliminate some of the financial hit of a no show booking. However, many professionals feel they cannot insist upon a deposit in case it puts off clients and in doing so leave themselves open to exploitation. It does not matter how many salons or freelancers you are competing with, always insist upon a deposit, at Bloom our freelancers are protected from any last-minute cancellations as a genuine client is always understanding to the on-demand nature of a mobile beauticians schedule and happy to pay in advance. Customers that are worth your time are always happy to pay their deposits. 

At Bloom, we understand a prepaid appointment is not always viable for clients. With this in mind, as long as a booking is paid for within 4 days of the treatment, it will always be secured with your beautician. 

Patch Tests

For last-minute customers, patch tests are not very appealing. For those who book infrequently and spontaneously. doing an allergy test can seem like a chore. With Bloom, all new clients are patch tested and this is for two very important reasons. The first reason we patch test customers is for the wellbeing and safety of our clients. Certain treatments such as LVL lashes require patch testing and it is compulsory to avoid harmful reactions. Secondly, many of our beauticians have insurance policies that stipulate their coverage is void if a patch test isn’t performed. If a customer is not willing to protect their own wellbeing with a 5-minute patch test at home. Ask yourself whether bypassing this important procedure is worth potentially compromising your career if a nasty reaction occurs. 

Unfair Reviews

Social media platforms such as Facebook allow customers to recommend their beautician by leaving a review. However, many freelancers are terrified by the thought of receiving a bad review. Studies show that just one negative review can significantly influence a potential customer’s opinion. If a client leaves you a poor review due to your own negligence, attempt to solve this with them directly. In many instances, an unsatisfied customer can be resolved when the person is contacted as soon as possible. However, if a client is deliberately going after your reputation just block them and no longer offer your services. 

Here at Bloom, we take care of such issues with our innovative app and platform. With Bloom, you’ll never have another no-show and will be paid daily. It’s our job to fill your professional diary with appointments. Apply here

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