As consumers we really don’t give talented and conscientious MUA’s enough credit, after all, the task of comprising and refining the products in their kit relies upon lots of research and trial and error, which is an extremely time consuming and expensive task. In addition to stocking foundations, concealers and other base formulas in a range of shades, finishes and textures. Professionals must decide on a few brands to act as their staple products. Popular favourites in most kits include neutral palettes and setting sprays that can be manipulated into achieving many different looks.

All of our Bloom make-up artists boast a kit that is completely unique and based solely only on what works brilliantly for them. We sat down with one of our talented artists Beth to discuss which are her essential products and why.

Beth’s top picks

My absolute number one has got to be the Mac Fix+ spray, it is a godsend for transforming dull, dry skin, to keeping makeup on all day and night, a couple of spritzes can refresh the whole face! I go through bottles and bottles of the stuff and don’t think I could live without it. Whether used as a primer water or as a brightening setting spray, the formula just brings the look together and the make-up to life.

A flawless base makes for a flawless face, is one of many unspoken make-up rules amongst professionals. To achieve a flawless base it’s not simply enough to use great primers and foundations. Using the right application technique can transform the look and feel of the make-up. With this in mind, Beth relies heavily upon her trusty beauty blenders. Through expert use of these shapely sponges a MUA can achieve a range of different coverages coupled with a seamless base for an airbrushed finish.

The brand Inglot certainly has some market-leading staples under their belt and Beth has fallen in love with the brands gel liners.

The liners are so reliable, they stay put no matter what the occasion and do not run at all! The consistency is perfect for a precise application and is non drying too” Beth never has to think twice about using the gel liners to add definition, wings, or colour to perfect any eye-makeup look.

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