For lots of ladies, a summer glow brings confidence and helps them feel more toned. For those with eczema self-tanning is not as simple as purchasing the most sought after formulas on the market. Those with eczema struggle to retain moisturiser within the skin and as a result suffer from dry and often itchy, sore skin.

Applying even make-up can exuberate eczema symptoms so a successful self-tan application takes a lot more preparation. An instant no for most eczema-prone skin types is usually instant tan formulations. Mousses in particular tend to be instant and develop quicker due to higher alcohol content. Alcohol is the ultimate enemy of dry skin and can lead to further dehydration and intensify itching and scaly patches.

If you have eczema and have previously opted for a spray tan it’s likely you were less than satisfied with uneven, patchy and even itchy results.


Be Prepared to keep to a strict moisturising routine


If you’re determined to keep self-tanning despite an eczema diagnosis be sure to follow a moisturizing routine. The absolute only way you can have an even tan with eczema comes from thorough preparation. It’s never worth tanning whilst you have a flare-up as you will only regret it when your skin is burning and sore. Tanning products tend to stick more easily to dry skin. With this in mind, the parts of your body that will develop the deepest colour will look awful and become cracked. It’s just not worth it.

In almost every tanning product, DHA is the ingredient that allows the tan to develop and alter the look of the skin.

With any skincare ailment, you can’t go too wrong with organic formulas and ingredients. That being said, with eczema you should always patch test a new tan as organic doesn’t necessarily mean compatible with angry and sensitive skin.

Choose formulas that are gentle on the skin


As a general rule, gradual tanners tend to be more hydrating and gentler on the skin due to a lower quantity of DHA. In addition to going natural or organic, consider going one step further and using a facial friendly tanner on the body, this will be the most gentle formulation in a brand’s range.

Most brands will always encourage moisturising before applying a tanning mousse, gel or lotion. With eczema, you should be moisturising your body several times a day regardless. It’s tedious and the sticky feeling can be awful. However, it simply doesn’t compare to the pain of cracked and bleeding skin. Our favourite self-tanners for eczema-prone skin that have never caused painful flare-ups are listed below


Effin Tan Medium to Dark Mousse £16.50


Despite the mousse formula, we don’t know how and why but this product in the shade medium to dark has never caused a flareup. With frequent moisturising, one coat of this mousse with a velvet tanning mit leaves our skin soft and bronzed within a few hours. However as this is a mousse, be extra careful not to be complacent with the first application and ditch your moisturising routine.


No 7 Perfectly Bronzed £12.50


This tinted lotion goes on smoothly for supple skin and a natural glow. If you’re looking for a deeper bronze tan gradually build up the layers. However don’t start to forego moisturizer between tanning days. This product leaves a subtle colour from the initial guide for an instant glow.


Dove Lotion £7


A rich and luxe formula that sits within the tinted moisturiser category. A few things to consider when purchasing this very affordable tan is to not use it on your face. Due to the thick and rich consistency and ingredients this product will likely cause facial breakouts. Another thing to be wary of is even though this is technically a moisturizer it should substitute your regular emollients and should be treated as a self-tan for optimum and comfortable results.

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