Whilst keeping many of us laughing over the last year, Tik Tok has also proved at times to be a valuable source of information and inspiration for hair, skin and make-up enthusiasts alike. In addition to snappy review style clips, one recent trend amongst hairdressers and those with luscious locks is to highlight what products you should and shouldn’t be using on your hair.

With this in mind, many of us may be left wondering if anything we buy in the supermarket or in Boots will suffice for our hair. A general consensus shows that there are a few affordable brands that offer excellent hair care at home, however, they may need to be bought online.

For some of us two bottles of shampoo thrown into our trolley at the end of a food shop is as far as our hair rituals extend and for others after investing in expensive highlights and treatments, delicate upkeep is essential to prolong results. If you’re in the first category you may be better suited to our affordable and effective shampoo blog here. 

If you’re frequently at the hairdressers we’d be very surprised if you didn’t know about the iconic brand Olaplex. The brand boasts a small but cult status range of products with patented technology available in shampooing, conditioning and oil formulations.  For artificial blonde’s, Olaplex is undoubtedly a household name and bathroom cabinet staple due to it’s effective results on bleached hair.  Despite it’s popularity and professional packaging, many consumers enjoy the effects of the treatments without fully understanding what they do.  From an eligbility point of view, Olaplex technology is a gem for compromised hair which although vague, can be applied to most of us who invest in colour treatments. 

Protecting Hair From Chemical Damage

Over the last few years, Olaplex has quickly become a hairdresser’s secret weapon for keeping a client’s hair in beautiful condition during and after a chemical treatment. Particularly for customers who enjoy having bright or complex colours within their hair, the integrity of the hair can be badly damaged in order to receive high shine and boldly pigmented results. 

When using Olaplex during this process, the brand can protect the hair from the dyeing process whilst simultaneously preventing further damage. In short terms, the hair can be kept strong, healthy and glossy despite the application of harsh colouring treatments. 

Particular products within the line are considered bonders and can actually reform the disulfide bonds that make up our hair. For many salon goers, these bonds are typically fragmented and badly damaged when the hair is over bleached. In this predicament, using the range means you can counteract the damage from dying hair too light without further damaging the hair.  


Three Product System

Although many online retailers stock bottles of Olaplex which are instantly recognisable, these formulations are one part of a three-step process that begins at the hairdressers.  Olaplex products are numbered in chronological order and The No.1 Bond Multiplier is a water-based solution of bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate, their trademark active ingredient and is applied in the salon to repair damaged hair. As an alternative application, the product can also be added directly to permanent hair dye throughout the hair colouring process.  

The No.2 Bond Perfector contains the same active ingredient but in a smaller amount and is formulated with a variety of conditioning agents. This product is also applied professionally whilst at the salon and is generally left on the hair for around 20 minutes. The last in a three step process and often available in stores, is the No.3 Hair Perfector, which contains even less of the active ingredient. 

Not Just For Dyed Hair

Although bleaching is the harshest process on our hair, Olaplex can still work miracles on natural hair that is damaged and dry from other factors. For example, those who invest in perms or frequently use heat to style their hair can also see benefits from the technology and nourishing formulations. With very few effective alternatives, heat styling is generally used for years on end and can also damage the hair to its innermost layer.

Since Olaplex’s primary function is to rebuild the broken hair bonds and helps keep the hair healthy and strong, this can often be an appropriate investment. Ask your stylist about the range and depending on your hair’s condition they may suggest a regular treatment with a combination of both the No.1 and No.2 products.

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