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What Is Semi Permanent Makeup


The term ‘semi-permanent make-up’ applies to any and all complexion-enhancing treatment that includes the eyes, brows, and lips to add definition and colour to the face. This well-loved technique is performed by injecting pigment through a very small vibrating needle into the most superficial layers of the skin. Before the treatment is conducted, a local anesthetic cream is used to numb the area to eliminate any pain and sensitivity. 

The results of semi permanent makeup are very similar to the results of a specific makeup product that has been applied. Unlike permanent makeup techniques, semi permanent makeup lasts for a much shorter duration. Typically these shorter-term procedures create lasting results for 1-3 years.

Some of the most popular semi permanent makeup procedures include permanent eyeliner, lip tattoos, microbladed eyebrows, lash lifts, and the BB Glow which provides a foundation-like finish to the facial skin. 

The colours used in each treatment differ greatly depending on the area of the face, for example, lip pigments tend to vary between pink and coral hues and eye procedures utilise dark brown and black pigments.

for face, lip, and cheek treatments, the most common method is to inject a series of tiny dots to create the illusion of shading, highlights, and shadows.

The most varied semi permanent makeup probably comes in the form of eyebrow procedures. A very individual treatment, the look of a person’s brows can completely transform the whole face. Semi permanent eyebrow makeup can create thin and precise strokes to resemble a natural eyebrow fullness whereas ombre brows focus more on a natural gradient from the head to the tail of the brow.  

Semi Permanent Makeup Aftercare

Despite being relatively non-invasive and quick procedures, any application of semi permanent makeup requires a period of healing. To prevent any infections at the injection site is is extremely important to follow any prescribed aftercare advice. Proper healing ensures safe and long-lasting results. 

Most treatments will require keeping the area dry for a period of days immediately after your final appointment. It is also wise to avoid direct sunlight to keep the area protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays. UV light during this period can actually change the colour of the pigment, 

As a general guide, semi permanent eyeliner can last up to a year whereas microblading can last two years in total.  The pigments in all procedures are gradually broken down over time when the skin renews itself in a cycle of shedding. 

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