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What To Put In A Skincare Fridge


A skincare fridge is a fairly new phenomenon particularly loved amongst TikTok beauty influencers and creatives. A skincare fridge is simply a mini refrigerator that is dedicated to holding specific beauty products that benefit from the cooler temperature.

Available in a range of designs, some with LEDs and mirrors, the products vary drastically in both quality and price. For those who enjoy skincare and are passionate about their chosen products, a skincare fridge could make a great addition to your dressing table or bathroom. 

We absolutely love the Subcold Pro6 Luxury Fridge due to its compact but sufficient size, superior quality, and choice of eight colours.

Not every skincare product you own belongs in a skincare fridge and there are specific items that should never be placed in your new purchase.

The main aim of the cooler temperature is to increase the efficacy of certain formulas and in some instances also increase their shelf lives. Leaving some products in your bathroom or bedroom can actually cause harm to the delicate formulations if and when they are exposed to sunlight.

 When stocking your personal skincare fridge be sure to include sheet masks which are often best enjoyed with a soothing cooling effect. Your beauty tools aimed at lymphatic drainage and depuffing such as a gua sha or jade roller are also best kept in this environment for a more indulgent experience. Products that contain vitamin C can lose their efficacy almost instantly in the sunlight so any creams or lotions in this category should also be placed in the fridge.

A beauty fridge can encourage a consistent skincare routine and discipline. They also provide a clean and slick look instead of numerous bottles displayed loosely on a countertop. 

Keep your facial oils and any clay products out of your fridge as the change in temperature can alter their consistency for the worse. Think of your regular refrigerator, you wouldn’t place olive oil in it, would you?

Cleansing balms are a great way to ensure all traces of make-up and dirt are removed as part of a double cleanse routine. One gripe with rich formulations such as the Elemis Pro Collagen Balm, is that they can often become too ‘liquidy’ when left at room temperature. Placing your cleansing balm in your skincare fridge can help it last longer as you will use less when grabbing a more solid consistency.

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